Friday, December 31, 2010

T's 2010 Highlights!!

2010 was a pretty crazy year for me. Here are some highlights:

We kicked off the start of 2010 with an awesome party at my parent's place:

It was a slow few months just doing wedding planning and working until...

My brother and his fiance eloped to Vegas on Superbowl Sunday, February 7! They also had a reception in May which was lots of fun!

So happy! I'm so lucky because I got another sister! :)

April: My mom randomly offers to take me to Los Cabos. My mom is like me, not very detail oriented. She accidently books us at a bikini top optional couples resort.  It should have been very awkward but my mom and I had a hilarious time anyways, we just made sure we went to bed early and missed all the "festitivies".

In May one of my best friend's got married:

Our signature pose!

In June, my LIFELONG friend got married. Yes, she has been my friend since I was born! Our moms are best friends.
she brought these lollipops back from Disneyland. That's me on the left. That's her in the white, obviously! Gorgeous!
In July, I had one of the greatest weekends of my entire life with my best friends and family in the world:
My stagette!! We went to the bar like this after! So much fun!
Night 2: My top says Bridezilla and the girl's say friend of Bridezilla. That's my sister's genius idea.
In August, we got married! I could write then posts on that and maybe someday I will. There were so many wonderful moments that day, I will never forget it.
We went to Waikiki, Hawaii for our honeymoon, which was so much fun:
I got to check something off my bucket list:

After that it was a whirlwind of settling into our new married life. We celebrated my birthday in October. I got my makeup done and had a new outfit and I felt pretty fantastic.

New Years Resolution: Look like this more! haha
 Oh I also started this blog, which I LOVE doing. Thank you everyone who reads it! :-)

In November, my little sister got engaged in San Francisco!!

One of the highlights of my year is always the Christmas Season, which I blogged a lot about. My sister has my camera so I need to get it back so I can blog about Christmas. Those posts will be coming soon!

So that was my year, all in all it was pretty damn awesome!

I hope everyone has a fantastic night tonight, Happy New Year!


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