Friday, December 31, 2010

Our wonderful Christmas Eve

Around the last week before Christmas I started to panic. I have what my husband calls Clark Griswold syndrome. If you have ever seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (classic!) you know what I'm talking about. Like the main character in the movie, I want everything to be perfect and I want everyone to be happy. I'm not really a perfectionist in my life, but when it comes to Christmas, I have way too high expectations. Something to work on next year. I really wish I'd enjoyed the last week more, next year I plan to be finished everything by that week so I can just enjoy it.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were awesome days, and so were the few days I had off following it. 

Christmas Eve I got up early, drove Leigh to work, met up with Leigh's mom to do some shopping and grab some breakfast. We found everything we wanted and Leigh was off work around noon, so I picked him up and we headed home, grabbing some drinks and snacks on the way. We watched Home Alone and fell asleep with the tree lights on, one of those perfect holiday naps! We made our gingerbread house and then Leigh's parents, sister and her boyfriend came for a visit.

After everyone went home we had our tradition for Christmas Eve, Leigh and I gave each other new PJ's! I have been doing this with my parents as long as can I remember and now we've adapted the tradition to fit into our married life!
Our tree on Christmas Eve



He insists on making these faces yet I know he loves his PJ's!

My favourite PJ'S ever!

Cozy new socks. Sure is a Home Improvement Christmas episode in the background!
So cozy!

After our Christmas shows we headed to bed so Santa could come! But first we had to clear off this:
This is where Leigh's planes live when we have company! lol
So that was my Christmas Eve, more Christmas posts coming soon!


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