Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Love

I can't believe I haven't blogged since the 2nd! It was kind of nice to not HAVE to blog but it does keep you in the habit. 
Ever since I started my job at work time just flies by! Unfortunately it doesn't slow down at weekends and I am missing the weekend already. Thankfully another one is right around the corner.
A picture weekend recap:
Tree is up, decorated and lit each night! I love how cozy it makes our house! 
Stockings are hung! (Do feel free to ignore the plastic bag to the left filled with wrapping essentials)
My super festive cozy outfit!

I felt super festive this weekend, I had my work Christmas party Friday afternoon, which was a blast! Saturday was a gorgeous day, I drove my husband to work, went to Walmart at 7:30am, which is a fantastic time to go. It's much quieter, neater, and lacking the crazy Walmart people. I found adorable Buzz Lightyear pajamas for my nephew's 2nd birthday, which was Toy Story 3 themed. As you can imagine, he got every Toy Story toy available. He's the first grandchild/nephew so he's kind of a big deal!

When we got home we decided to watch Toy Story 3 because it is conveniently available on our Shaw-On-Demand! It was a really cute movie! I may or may not have teared up a little at the end, I'm not telling.

We are also doggy-sitting at the moment for this little guy:
This is Leigh's parent's dog Duke! He's very easygoing and relaxed!
That's pretty much my life at the moment! This week is a little more relaxed and then after that I'm sure it will be Christmas craziness, which I love! I'm sure I will be updating with all my festivites and I'm having a great time reading about everyone else's on my blog reader!




  1. Your home looks cozy and inviting.:D Loving your festive outfit too, so cute.:D

    I like going to Walmart around 7:30-9:00, I hate crowds and it gives me more time to shop.;D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Love your festive cozy outfit!!! Your home is darling! I know! The lights of the free are so relaxing aren't they!
    Have a pretty day!