Monday, January 3, 2011

The Last Free Monday post

I absolutely love how this holiday season let me have off two Mondays in a row. Technically three because I took the Monday before Christmas off. I hope everyone else has it off too! Free days are just the best.

Yesterday I made a little trip to Costco. It was INSANE. However, I realized that stores being ridiculously busy actually does not bother me. Which is why I usually shop alone! I love Costco for certain things like books, workout clothes and some of my fave food staples, like sweet potato fries. 

I also found these Adidas running shoes for $36.99. I've been needing new running shoes and they match my new Lululemon workout top!

I was excited to find this book at Costco, I have been wanting to read it forever and it just came out on paperback. I am addicted to inspiring, make life better books. It's about a woman who makes different resolutions each month for a year and documents them. It sucked me in immediately and I've already gotten some good tips.

I also came across this article by Gretchen Rubin, 13 tips to stick to your new years resolutions. Very handy! Another tip I love is not calling them resolutions but intentions instead. People associate resolutions with failure. I asked some of my friends what their resolutions were and many said nothing, I never keep them, so what's the point? The point is we always want to keep growing in life, that's when we're the happiest. It is the worst feeling to feel stuck in life and not able to move forward. So making intentions, goals, or resolutions can help you grow if you have an action plan. A little action every day makes a huge difference.
In the summertime I bought this journal and I keep everything in it, notes, to do lists, ideas, and most importantly goals for the month. They are just small goals but this makes them easier to complete them, crossing them off feels so good! I also like looking back through it and seeing everything I've accomplished that I've forgotten about. The first page is a last minute to do list from my wedding, then a honeymoon packing list and it just follows the time line of my life. It helps keep me on track and remember what I'm trying to do and not get sidetracked!
I definitely have some intentions for this year, some big and some small.I will write more about them as I figure out my course of action. 

What are your new years intentions? I'd love to hear them!



  1. that books sounds interesting-let us know how it is! love the shoes! hope your first day baack isn't too rough!

  2. ooooo I got this book too! Glad u liked it! I haven't started reading it yet but Ill let u know how it goes :)