Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day!

 Christmas day was spend with our families of course. I love early Christmas morning because Leigh and I have our own little Christmas together before we head off to visit everyone. This Christmas was our first as married couple.
I had gotten us a special ornament to remember our first married Christmas. We also have a First Christmas ornament and one I had made for our engagement.
Our wedding ornament.
 A few days after Christmas, Leigh's mom told me she had something for me. Leigh's grandma had passed away before Leigh and I began dating so I never got to meet her. She lived with his family and had her own tree in her room with pink ornaments (I also used to have a  pink tree!) and she had bought this ornament because she thought it was cute. Leigh's mom wanted us to have it so to me, this is our real wedding ornament. I just love it, it is my absolute favourite one on the tree and it's so special to us.

I really barely bought any new decorations this year, because I really didn't need to but I did pick up this wooden sign from Michaels and painted it myself. I like personalized decorations apparently. See my pumpkin here.

Some pictures from our Christmas together:
Organizing presents!

Leigh opening his new headphones

New clothes!

LOL love this, carrying presents in a red bag...Santa does not look impressed!

New Christmas baking apron!
New Coach bag! I also got 2 other purses, I will not have to buy a single purse in 2011.

I'm not going to post my family pictures because there are way too many and I want to get on with new years posts! All in all, 2010 was an amazing Christmas! I'm excited to start a new year full of new adventures and opportunities. 

Happy new year!



  1. looks like a fabulous Christmas! thanks for the follow...i'm following back!:)