Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pretty new hair!

Few things make a girl feel better than a brand new hairstyle. Am I right? Every girl knows that a fresh new style can give you a great pick me up and boost of confidence. I am soooo lucky to have a hairdresser for a sister (and sister in law for that matter!)

Today I spent the day with my sister going to various suppliers and we had lots of fun. Then we stopped by my sister in law's house and got to see her for a few minutes as well as my mom and my super cute nephew.

We headed over to the salon my sister works out of and my mom and nephew stopped by there for a few minutes. My nephew shared his scooby doo snacks with me, so cute!
Then my sister proceeded to give me my awesome new hairstyle. My sister is always wanting me to try new looks and I usually give her free reign which is how I ended up with these amazing colours and style for our wedding:
My sister helping me put my dress on for our wedding day!
 Today, I went to get my hair done with only one request: DARK! I give you my new much darker hairstyle:

 She also gave me shorter side bangs and thinned out my hair because it's super thick and unmanageable sometimes! I'm really excited to use a new hair tool I got today, one of these awesome teaser brushes!
Mine is hot pink, of course!
She also gave me a round brush to blow dry my bangs and the rest of my hair out with, which I really need to practice doing. I also really want to learn how to curl my hair with the curling iron she got me like 2 years ago!Getting a new look always makes me feel great, so thanks sis! Love you!



  1. Looks fabulous!!!! I'm gonna have to get me one of those brushes!

  2. Your hair color is stunningly beautiful. It fits you! It created a good definition to your facial features! Are you still wearing this color up to now, or something else? I think Deep Burgundy will also work for you.

    Catherine Ward