Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why my abs are STILL sore

On Thursday night, I tried out a new class with my sister and sister in law and a few of their friends. I had no idea what to expect, but I thought I'd try something new.  I've been reading a lot about Jack LaLanne this week and after reading about all the amazing things he did, such as swim over a mile towing 70 people in 70 rowboats on his 70th birthday, I realised I have been quite a wimp when it comes to my workouts and I'm capable of a lot more. So I signed up for something I knew would kick my butt.

The class we went to was called TRX, which is an approach to fitness using suspension training that was designed by a former Navy Seal, a fact which I wish I didn't find out until after because it freaked me out. There were straps dangling from the ceiling which we all performed exercises on using our own body weight. This is a strength workout that also improves balance, flexibility and joint stability.

The actual strength portion of the class was probably less than 40 minutes, but the next day I felt as if I'd been in the gym for hours the day before. The moves we did were extremely effective, I could feel it in my butt, arms, back, shoulders, legs and abs most of all. 3 days later my abs are still sore. I highly recommend trying this class, I could easily see how it could whip you into shape FAST.
I'm not going to lie, it did not exactly feel enjoyable while I was doing it but I felt AMAZING after, like I really worked as hard as I could, something I think I don't do nearly often enough at the gym.

We did ours at Epic Yoga in Maple Ridge. It's a new fitness trend so I'm sure it will be popping up at studios everywhere.

Has anyone else tried TRX?



  1. Good for you. I am dying to try this class!! My MIL goes to that studio too! I tried portions of this type of workout after I had the baby but not the full class. If you go in the next week and want more girls to join, I would try that studio & class in a heart beat. I heard it's amazinggggggg!!!!

  2. TRX is so hard! Good for you! I havent had the stamina to go back...