Saturday, January 28, 2012

History of Taren

Whenever I meet someone for the first time, I pretty much always get a comment on my name and how unusual it is. If I spell it out for them, they say "I knew a girl with that name, but she spelled it with a Y."
Never fails.
Then I tell them that I was named after a character on an 80s nighttime soap opera. My parents love soaps, especially my dad. I love to picture my parents in the 80, watching this show and finding the name for their first born daughter. And inventing the spelling. I used to think this was hilarious but now I can totally see myself doing the same thing!
I went through a phase where I didn't love my name for some reason. I wanted to be called a common girly name. I grew to love my name and it's soapy history! :-P
My blog has a traffic source section and it tells me what people have googled to end up on my blog. A few times I have seen things like "80s soap opera character named Taren" which makes me laugh. First of all, whoever has googled that-I love them. That is exactly something I would do. I tell my name origin to pretty much everyone. So since this is my blog, I'm going to tell you the answer to this google question.
The show I was named after was called Paper Dolls. It was only on for one season but there was also a movie. My character was Taryn Blake, a teen model. She was played by Nicolette Sheridan on the show and Daryl Hannah in the movie. I imagine it was probably pretty similar to 90210 or Gossip Girl. I will attach a few hilarious 80s pictures at the bottom of this post.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the awesome name.


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  1. I never would have guessed! It's a great name.