Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Days Update

I've been so, so bad at blogging. I've only posted twice so far this year. The only excuse I have is that I don't have Internet at my house. Well, I do but it's wireless, and my laptop stopped working so my only options are blogging from my phone, which is annoying. I am currently at my inlaws so I thought I would write a quick post.
Today, it's snowing like crazy. Personally, I love the snow. Yes, it's a pain to get around but it's super magical. I love how it makes everything so quiet. Nothing like curling up inside watching the snow fall, preferably with a hot drink.
My only wish is that I had bought myself some rain boots earlier this year. It doesn't snow often enough to warrant buying snowboots but rain boots would keep the hem of my pants from getting wet. I haven't been able to find any that are cute and cheap, but I'm on the hunt! These two are so cute but one is Kate Spade and the other are Hunter so those are staying on the wish list for now.

I also took the Christmas tree down but I left my snowmen up. It makes no sense to take them down since Winter only started less than a month ago. So my snowmen stay up until I'm ready for Spring! 
image via Pinterest (somehow don't have pics of my snowmen?)

Not much else is new with me, I have been busy getting my business organized, which is very exciting. My business cards should be showing up any day now so I will post those when I get them. Other than that I have just been enjoying my Christmas presents. I also got a Blackberry Tablet for Christmas that I didn't post about because I didn't get it on Christmas. I LOVE it! The main thing I use it for other than scanning through Pinterest obsessively is watching videos/shows/movies at the gym. Can I just say that it makes cardio SO MUCH EASIER! I've been doing 45 minutes about 6 times per week since the week after Christmas!

I also looove my Keurig coffee maker! I got the Christmas coffee set with it, which included Spicy Eggnog, Gingerbread, and Golden French toast.

It came with 48 cups so needless to say I am still enjoying those! I have also tried a donut house brand that went FAST in our house! It's such a great treat! I use either a splash of skim milk or unsweetened almond milk which is super low in calories and Splenda. It is my goal this year to make the switch from Splenda to Stevia.

I have been feeling super into crafts and things like that so I will be posting more about that soon, as I'm due to finish my first "creation" of the year (see my 2012 post if you're confused!)

Have a fabulous snow day!


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