Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Motivational Tricks!

So, it's almost the middle of January. After a few weeks of New Year enthusiasm, it's easy to lose your motivation. I have found some very cool motivational tricks that I thought I'd share. 

Set a goal of how many workouts you want to do in one month. Print off a blank calendar page and check off each one as you go. When you complete them all, treat yourself to something fun like a new book (ok, not everyone is as dorky as me) or a clothing item, workout clothes, makeup, whatever! Print off a picture of it to keep right above the calendar page.


 I found this next one on Pinterest. I know, that is American money in the jar. Loonies and Toonies don't take up as much room unfortunately. What you do is, decide on an amount for each workout, say a dollar or two dollars, depending on your budget. For each workout you complete, you put the money in the jar. When it gets to a pre-determined amount say 50 or 100 dollars, you get to spend it on something fun for yourself guilt free!

Speaking of Pinterest, I find it to be an inspiring motivational tool. There are so many cute sayings and images. There are also tons of links for healthy recipes. If you want a Pinterest invitation to start your own pinboards, let me know and I'll send you one. Read here for more info on what Pinterest is all about and how to use it and click here if you want to see my boards!

Another thing is, if you are losing motivation try to make it as easy as possible on yourself. By that I mean, get organized so it takes no effort. Prep lots of food at once so meals are a piece of cake (not literally, of course!) keep your gym bag ready to go with water, workout clothes and shoes, ipod and headphones, magazines, snacks, whatever you need. Lay out your clothes before you go to bed so you have everything ready to just grab what you need and go! Team up with a friend to get you moving!

The motivation you feel when you are about to embark on a new goal is nothing compared to when you are on your way and doing it! I had an amazing workout with a friend of mine yesterday and I felt so amazing that I am on this path that I'm on. 

If you need any help getting motivated, feel free to message me, email me, call me whatever. I am here to help! I didn't become a personal trainer just to coach people on fitness, I wanted to cheer people on in their goals! This part of my business is completely and totally free of charge! :-)

I'd love it if you tell me what motivates you in the comments below!


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