Friday, January 3, 2014

Making 2014 Count

I'm linking up with some lovely ladies today for one of my favourite topics: goals!

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1.  I have set a few goals for the coming year, as always. I have seen so many people stating that they won't make resolutions because no one ever sticks to their resolution. I don't really use that word much, but I do always make goals for the year, and I usually do most of them. The biggest reminder of my ability to achieve goals will probably always be my fitness competition. I wanted to do it, I set the goal, and I worked harder on it than anything else in my entire life. After that, I can do anything.

Some of the goals I accomplished in 2013:

Become self employed
Increase income
Get a new blog look (still love it after almost a year) and domain name
Get a fitness website
Find my faith
Learn how to curl my hair and do my makeup (still not fabulous at it but definite improvement)
Become more organized (while I still have so long to go, I honestly feel like I've made an improvement)

So, I'd say it definitely works to set goals!

Goals for this year include:

1.Choose joy over everything else
2.Take more action
3.Buy an apartment/townhouse
4. Dress up more
5.Find more balance with health and fitness (more on this topic later)
6.Complete some projects I've been working on
7.Use my camera more

source: Lara Casey

Whenever anyone sets a goal, it's important to know how to make things happen. I get extremely overwhelmed with a long to do list (or sometimes even a short one) so I try to focus on the next thing. I've probably talked about this before but when I wanted to get my training certification, the step list from the BCRPA was like 20 steps. Leigh wrote out the first step and stuck it on the fridge and told me to forget the rest for now. By doing this it helped me just get the first step done and everything flowed easily after.

How I plan to make it happen:
1. Put the word Joy everywhere, do positive reading daily
2. Use my planner to write to do list
3. Follow our saving plan
4. Keep clothes a bit more organized so I can dress up easily
5. This is a whole other post and a work in progress
6. I have a list of projects and what needs to be done on them to keep me on track
7. Keep my camera/batteries/card nearby or with me at all times so I don't miss a moment

I am following an amazing goal setting series by Lara Casey here if anyone is interested.

source: pinterest

2. JOY is my word of the year and I love it. I chose it as my word back at the beginning of the Christmas season. I felt many moments of joy and I plan to let it in as much as possible.

3. I will make 2014 count by starting each day new, and wasting less time. I love my blogs, I love my Facebook, and I love my Instagram, but how many times does it need to be checked a day? Not many. If someone really needs me, they can call me, phone numbers on my website. For now, I am putting the phone down. Time to choose joy and make things happen!


  1. I found your blog!! I agree with you that how many times do we need to check Facebook a day? My goal is to spend more time with family then to see what everyone else is doing!!

  2. You ROCK GIRL. You looked amazing at your competition and I can't wait to see how 2014 goes for you. I see that you want to be self-employed - what type of business?

  3. love that you have "HOW" you're going to do this too. Something I would definitely do - so structured and organized! love it! :)

  4. I'm curious what you mean by "find my faith"....

    1. I can't reply to you directly but hopefully you'll see this. Basically my spiritual faith, everyone has their own path but I got lost on mine. I'm basically a Christian who doesn't go to church, but I do a lot of stuff on my own. :-)

  5. Love your word!! Hope 2014 is good to you so far!!