Monday, December 17, 2012

Festive Weekend

Leigh and I have both been sick so we stayed home Friday night to rest and sadly missed my work Christmas party. We have so much going on that it was much needed. Saturday we had some friends over, I didn't take many pictures but I did get a family portrait in front of the tree! 

We finally got the internet! We haven't had it since we moved in, or cable and we finally got around to getting it set up. Leigh bought me a new desk and set up a little office for me! We have been using our spare room as storage since April and now it actually somewhat resembles an office. We are planning on putting a couch/futon in here for overnight guests aka Hilary.

This is my little office area:

Last night I made caramel corn while I watched a movie with Leigh's mom and sister. Somehow even though I have Layla blocked out of the kitchen, she got caramel in her fur. That should be fun to get out.

I have a lot of family and friend events coming up and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!

There's a lot going on in the world right now as everyone has probably noticed. There is always so much good in the world, it can just be a little harder to see. We have to send a little good towards those who need it right now, those who have lost a loved ones or are having a hard time.  It's important that we remind each other that things will always get better. This is what Christmas is all about. Finding comfort and joy and hope for the future.


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