Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 1st

Well I did it. I missed the last day of National Blog Posting Month. In my defense I was away in the states with no internet connection. Lame, I know.
What did I learn this time around?
I'm kinda over it. I still love blogging but I have been so crazy busy that it's been quite the challenge. Its not as satisfying anymore.
Anyways, I will still be blogging regularly!
Yesterday was awesome, we are away with Leighs mom and the puppies (ours and my in-laws) visiting Leighs uncle in this awesome cute little American town! Yesterday we went out for breakfast, did some shopping and a lot of relaxing and some wine drinking. Leighs mom put up his uncle's Christmas decorations and we watched Fred Clause. Awesome relaxing day. I also made an old favourite recipe, Giada's Italian Chicken Baked Pastina. Recipe is somewhere on the blog. Picture is below as well as my loves napping. ♥

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