Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Why I Heart My PVR

I went through a period a few years ago where I hated TV. I think it was after Friends ended. It felt like nothing was ever on except for stupid reality shows so I never watched it. I haven't had a TV in my bedroom for probably 8 years and still don't. However, since having a PVR I have decided that TV is awesome and PVR's make life a million times better.

Here's why:
1. It gives me something to do in my downtime other than reading. I'm a ridiculously fast reader, which gets really expensive when you go through a book a day! I'm still reading a lot but not burning through books as fast. My downtime is when most people are at work and my vice versa. In my breaks, I take my dog for a walk and do stuff around the house but sometimes I just want to RELAX! Some days by the time I get home I have to be in bed in an hour to get up early the next day.
2. I once read this article that said having a PVR improves your relationship. I totally agree, Leigh and I have our favourite shows that we always watch together and it's such nice quality time since we don't really go out to restaurants any more. I kinda wish there were more shows we both liked!
3. You no longer have to sacrifice a social life to have a favourite show (or say like...ten) you can just record them and go about your life! Unless you have a needy puppy that breaks your heart to leave at home but that's a whole other story...
4. NO COMMERCIALS!! Such a waste of time.
5. There are so MANY GOOD SHOWS now!
A few I'm loving: (had to find some new ones now that Gossip Girl and Desperate Housewives are over. For a married semi-well behaved girl, I sure like the TV Drama :-P)

Leigh says this show "tries too hard" but I think it's hilarious! Must be my immature humor.  

 I've watched this show almost from the beginning. I rented Season 1 from Rogers Video (hey, remember video stores?!) and tried to get everyone hooked. Mission accomplished!

The new 90210 has no Donna or Brenda, but it still has enough drama in it's characters 20 year old lives to keep me hooked. Sad or awesome? Eh.

My sister in law got me hooked on Revenge. So good!! Not normally my type of show but again, it sucked me in.

*hangs head* so ashamed. I can't help it. It's hard to NOT watch. I do fast forward most of it because lets face it, it's pretty much the same every. single. season. This show is best watched with wine and girlfriends and minus a cynical sarcastic husband. :-P

 Another show my sister in law got me hooked on. It really plays out almost like a movie and I'm always surprised by the plot twists. I've always loved fairy tales so not that shocking.

My newest obsession, Hart of Dixie. I am more in love with the town than the show, but it didn't keep me from watching the entire first season in a week. See this post for why I belong in Bluebell, Alabama.

So that's it (I know, only 7!) for my favourite shows. I usually spread them out during the week so I have something to watch if I'm in the mood for TV.

Anything I could possibly be missing out on? What's your favourite show(s)?


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