Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Random Ramblings

This is going to be a totally random post. K? K.

My weekends are always all over the place because I work Saturday mornings. Friday night is usually a relax at home night. It was made even more relaxing when my lovely husband brought me home a bottle of wine. That he bought! Just for me!

Barefoot Sweet Red

Of course I had declared to the blog/Facebook world I wasn't having any sugar. So I decided to make an exception and have a glass. This wine was right up my alley as I LOVE sweet wine (sweet drinks in general)
and it made my Friday night even better. Something about wine makes me want to clean and organize things. It's really weird. I started reorganizing my spice cabinet. What's wrong with me?

Anyways, next subject. I had a casual girls night with a few of my besties Saturday night. We decided to ONLY eat healthy food for our girls night. We had hummus and veggies, spinach dip made with greek yogurt served on endive instead of bread, and zucchini chips. I actually felt fantastic after even though I ate a ton. Highly recommend healthy girls nights!

Sunday was awesome. I have this amazing friend who I used to work with. We worked together for a couple years and told each other everything in that time. We totally bonded over life and Starbucks earl grey lattes. And then we bonded over quitting Starbucks early grey tea lattes. Even though we don't get to see each other often, we always pick up where we left off. Anyways I got to see her Sunday for brunch and I was so happy we got to catch up.

Yes, I recycled my outfit from last week. I really wanted to wear a dress but really didn't want to get my feet wet. I tied the shirt for a bit of a different look and wore skinny dark jeans instead of tights.

Last night, I made a batch of this pumpkin bread from Stephanie's blog. Stephanie is my Yeast Free goddess, as you may have read last week. She is guiding me along in this journey to avoid yeast.
Highly recommend this recipe. It does NOT use protein powder like a lot of recipes and because of the way it's made it comes out very most. It's a perfect pairing with a protein shake for a super quick breakfast.

I don't even mind that my weekend is over tomorrow because tomorrow I am going tooooo THIS:

Soooo freaking excited. My awesome client invited me and I couldn't be more stoked. I will post how it was on Wednesday.

So anyways, now I'm going to go walk and my dog and enjoy the rest of my weekend.

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