Tuesday, April 2, 2013

States Shopping Finds and A Rare Dress Up Day

I've had requests to post my shopping finds from my weekend in the states. Twist my rubber arm!
The past few days I've actually gotten dressed up and it's been fun! Today I had an event to go to, so I wore this which I feel like was much cuter in person. How come everyone else is so good at outfit pics/selfies and I just look ridiculous. Sigh. Anyways, you get the idea.


Boots were a 20 dollar find at Famous Footwear! I don't wear boots often and they're pretty classic so I'm sure they'll be worth it. Top is borrowed from my Mom (thanks Mom!) and pants are actually workout capris. I hate regular tights so I wear workout tights when I can get away with it. I bought these seamless tights in black from Target and I feel like they're better as dressy tights than workout ones, but whatever. Definitely worth it.
Of course I had to get some dresses since I'm obsessed. I found a dress super similar to this one I posted on my spring wish list post. I'm too lazy to take a pic of the one I actually bought but they are really similar.

Keeping along with the dress obsession, I picked up this dress in mint and black. I hate when I find something I love in a million colours and then I have a meltdown because I can't choose. I still had some of my budgeted shopping money left so I bought both. I think they were 17.99 each. I have worn the black one three times already.

I also got this bikini because I can't resist bikinis at Target. However I should've looked more carefully because I got mine home and realised the straps were missing. I emailed Target so maybe they will send me some.

All in all I'm really happy with everything I bought, I feel like I am finally learning how to buy things that are wearable and don't just look cute on the hanger. Also buying items that go with a lot of different things. Dressing up and putting on a bit of make-up makes me feel fantastic, especially after long days in runners and workout clothes.

Oh yeah, and that checks off an item on my Spring Bucket List: Build Spring wardrobe...yay!

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  1. Love everything you bought! My husband bought me that mint dress in black from Target. Such a great and comfortable dress :)