Wednesday, April 17, 2013


It's very, very rare that I post serious things on my blog. There's a reason for that. Life can be serious enough and I try to focus on the positive things. My silence when something is going on means that I'm respecting what has gone on enough to not post the fun little things that make me happy through daily life. Today I feel like there's some stuff I need to share
Yesterday, my friend and I went down to the states. On the way there, we heard about a fatal accident at a major intersection (where there have unfortunately been a few serious accidents). I hear these things often on the radio and thought to myself, no one I know would be driving there right now.
But as I found out on my return home later that evening, it WAS someone I know. My grandfather was gone in an instant in that accident. I keep thinking back to hearing it on the radio, how could I not know that it was him? I didn't even get a gut feeling. I didn't even get a gut feeling when my mom called wondering where I was after I'd only been gone for a few hours.
I had thought I had more time with him, even though I've had almost 28 years. I thought I had more time to bring him my pasta dinners that he loves, to leave him notes in his office, to meet up for lunch like he always said we should, to bring him his favourite candy (bridge mix) to fill the jar I made him many years ago that he kept in the cupboard and brought out for people he liked.
Memories keep flashing through my head. How he would play games with me while he was shaving. How he would tidy things around the house, putting them into neat little piles. How him and my Grandma were the most hilarious couple the way they talked to each other, it was like straight out of their own little sitcom. The way he would tell stories about people as if we all knew who they were. The way that he knew everyone in the car business, like literally everyone. He would always have a video recorder when we were younger, he was always recording everything, and he would say the date at the beginning. It's December 25, we are at Mark and Judy's house for Christmas dinner..." eventually he switched to taking pictures.
We had this tradition, him and I. I would leave him notes on this pad of paper he'd had since forever ago, which I just found out my aunt gave to him. It was this little brown notepad that said "today and tomorrow and..." and I would almost always leave the note on these slips of paper. Except when my Grandpa put it away so no one else would use it and I had to leave a note saying "where's my notepad paper?" on a piece of some Remax notepad. He kept every one of them and dated them after I'd left his house.
I'm so happy I have all those memories. I'm so happy that he got to see me get married, got to see my sister get married, and celebrate my brother's marriage at his reception, got to see my brother's and cousins kids.
I'm so happy I had him in my life, and I'm going to miss him so much.


  1. Taren,

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss.
    Beautifully written post. My thoughts, prayers and hugs are to you and your family in this time.