Saturday, May 11, 2013

10 Reasons Why I Love My Mom

1. She loves me no matter what, even if I'm being a total brat/ridiculous. She's the most loving person I know.

2. If I ask for advice, she'll tell me the truth, even if it's not what I want to hear. It'll always be what I need to hear.

3. She keeps my faith strong.

4. She's hilarious.

5.  She's full of good stories and she remembers every detail!

6. I always have fun with her, usually because we're being total goofballs.

7. In fact, she's the one who taught me how to have fun and be a goofball and be myself.

8. She can come over and whip my house into shape in like under an hour, I swear. I don't know how she does it. She can also get stains out of anything. Crazy skills.

9. She's going to Belize at the beginning of June to do charity work because that`s just the kind of person she is, she does so much for other people.

10. She's the glue that holds our family together. 

Obviously, there`s a million reasons why I love my Mom, these are just a few. I`m so lucky to have you, Mom! Happy Mother`s Day! 

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