Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Fresh New Month

Happy May!
I'm so glad it's May. Something about starting a fresh new month always inspires me. I even went to the gym with my bestie at FIVE AM! Seriously. It's not the first time I've gotten up that early, for a few weeks I worked the morning shift at a gym. Oddly enough I find it easier to hop out of bed at 5 than at 7:30. Figures. I felt fantastic all day with all those endorphins running around in my system. Maybe it'll be a new thing, who knows.

I'm focusing on all the good things in life, as per my last post. I'm spending time with my loved ones as much as possible, because really isn't that just the best thing in life? Whenever I get down, I just look at these pretty summer pictures on Pinterest and then I feel joy at the summer ahead.

Best of all to look forward to a beach bag full of books!

What are you most looking foward to this summer?

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