Monday, May 27, 2013

A B-Day Party for my Beautiful Friend

On Saturday, Hilary and I hosted a little gathering for our beautiful friend Nicky! (Her birthday is actually tomorrow. Who invented weekday birthdays anyways? They should all be rounded to a weekend.)
Isn't she gorgeous? 

We had a little Tiffany blue theme going which Nicky complied with in the wardrobe department!

While she looks glam and put together, I look like I threw my coverup on over my bathing suit lol. I was busy ok? Going for a more natural look. Plus I can't find my eyeliner.

Ladies in the kitchen!

I brought Nicole a pineapple. Just for fun. Because I'm weird like that.

Me, Nicky, and Hilary!

Mark and Alicia

Hilary's friends which I don't remember their names now lol sorry guys! Blame Hilary and her magaritas/sangria!

Alex and Kyleigh!

Caught Hilary eating fruit out of her sangria with a spoon. We're such ladies.

How did this one get in here? :-P
 Nicole and Solana!
 Hilary singing Happy Birthday. Watch out for her, she's going to be a professional singer one day lol right Hil?

Happy birthday girl!
 Make a wish! 
 and Posing.

Not pictured: Sangria, Margaritas, amazing food created by Hilary and I. Damn I wish I took pics of the food!! We had such a great night celebrating our dear friend! Love you Nicky!

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