Monday, May 20, 2013

Currently I Am...

I haven't posted in awhile because I haven't really had much to say. Just sorta truckin' along. I decided to do a "Currently I am" post that I've seen on other blogs that I follow. Soo...

Currently I am:

Eating: Carrots and roasted garlic hummus. Believe it or not this is the first time I've ever had this for a snack not at a party. But it's amazing. I have been eating really well lately and feeling so good because of it.

Drinking: Kinda related to the above, a huge ass 1.5L bottle of water that reminds me of just before this time last year because this is the first time I've lugged one of these puppies around since last year. The Western Canadians for 2013 were this past weekend and I can't believe it's already been a year! My cousin competed this weekend and she looked super amazing. I love following everyone's transformations on Facebook. Like I've said before, competeting is an amazing thing to do, but it's not the be and end all of fitness and health, which should be an every day (or at least almost every day) thing.

Thinking about:
How nice this weekend was. I was off for a few days and it was SO NICE to spend time with Leigh. We are on opposite schedules and it really sucks sometimes because we don't get much time to hang out. We spent all weekend together and I felt so relaxed. I even got to wear cute casual clothes instead of gym clothes, woo hoo!

Loving: My hat in the above picture. I debated over it for awhile but eventually I cracked. It's fun to wear something different than what you normally wear. Especially if what you normally wear is a uniform!

Reading: I actually read a couple books over the weekend.

This book totally surprised me in the direction it went but I think it's probably because I didn't read the synopsis which you can read here

Jill Shalvis might be my new beach book author if I don't read all of her books before the summer starts. She's the same sort of style as Kristan Higgins who I love. Read the synopsis for this one here, it's the start of a series. Cotton candy happy butterfly fluff reading. I love it.

I will probably have to do a whole post on books soon. 

Watching: Nothing. What am I supposed to watch? All my shows are over? Help!! 

Looking forward to:
Summer, trips, another healthy and fit week, sunshine and maybe a margarita or two this weekend in celebration of my bestie's birthday!

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  1. you really have an interesting blog :) definately following you .. hope you follow me back ..
    ps i love ur hat in the pic above :)