Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Friday, Happy Summer

First off, we need to celebrate, because it's officially SUMMER!!

I haven't made my Summer Bucket List yet, but I will. I got almost everything done on my Spring one except I now need to RE-organize my closet. Oops.

2. Is anyone watching the new show Mistresses? Pure trash, but at least it's a show that's on in the summer. I'm kind of weird, I watch my shows in the morning after Leigh goes to work. It's funny when I became a trainer I thought I'd be starting early because clients would want to work out before work. It seems all of my clients are not into mornings. Fine by me because it's become my favourite time of the day.

3. I got a new printer last night and I'm oddly really excited about it. Project time!

4. This week, I went to the Library. I was looking for a certain book and I couldn't find it anywhere because it's out of print and then I thought I'll check the library and they had it. So I went and checked out some books. How did I forget there was a place that loaned out books for FREE? Speaking of books, I'm working on my summer beach books post, that will be up soon!

5. I have renewed my obsession with Pinterest after making my "Beach House" and "Glamping" boards. So much fun! Will I ever get tired of Pinterest? Follow me here!

6. It's also Friday today. Even though I work on Saturday mornings I still love Fridays. Nothing like the whole weekend to look forward to. Also, it's more socially acceptable to drink wine which my darling hubby usually brings home for me! Hopefully it doesn't rain all weekend but if it does, I'll be curled up reading my library books, drinking tea and listening to the rain. Which is a very close second to sunny day activities.
Have a great weekend!

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