Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend in Phone Pics

I had such a great weekend with my hubby since he took a few vacation days off! We picked up our new car on Friday and proceeded to have adventures with our tank of gas it came with :-P

A girl's gotta pose next to her (our) new car!

 and take selfies in said car

We spent some time at Leigh's flying club. Leigh did what he does best...

I did what I do best :-P

We drove out to Horseshoe Bay for a little walk and then hit up Park Royal on the way back!

Going out for a Rocky Point adventure with Layla!

Layla's first doggy ice cream at Rocky Point. Yes, they make ice cream for dogs, and yes I buy ice cream for my dog. Are you surprised?

 Cute little truck at Rocky Point until the new ice cream store is finished building.

 I got shorts! Peachy pink ones, Old Navy, 12 bucks. Woo hoo.

And that pretty much wraps up our weekend, we're back home now and watching Revenge. I may or may not have gotten Leigh addicted!

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