Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I'm Loving

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile! Even though they are usually random lists, I love sharing the things that I'm loving (read: obsessed with)

Firsts things first....what always comes first? Coffee, that's what. Dunkin Donuts coffee to be exact. I've never actually been to a Dunkin Donuts but I've always heard about their coffee. I got a bag from Target and ran out pretty much asap. My lovely friend picked up some for me in the states. Also LOVE my little mug.

Drinking Sangria on a patio with my new sunglasses (I love winners)

That particular sangria had pineapple in it. Amazing. Also seriously obsessed with pineapple at the moment.
Something about pineapple just screams summer. I can't wait for the PNE to get here to have pineapple Dole whip!! I also love pineapple print everything, how cute is this picture?

Not everything is food related on this post...we just got Layla a Furminator dog brush....oh my gosh those things are CRAZY. I am actually obsessed with it the amount of loose fur it gets rid of is amazing and Layla's coat is looking lighter and shinier already. Highly recommend!

This pic of me and the girls:

Ok, now back to food. Everyone's always going on and on about Trader Joe's and all the best things they have there. You know what my favourite thing is there? You'll never guess.


Smoked Paprika!!! I actually found out about this spice while researching taco seasoning recipes (find my favourite here) and then I got some from Trader Joes and started using it instead of regular paprika. Holy flavor!! I make blackened chicken with it as well.

I am also seriously loving that Summer will be here in a few weeks!! I've been working out and eating healthy and feeling great and it really makes a difference when summer comes around. It also makes me love one more thing, my job as a trainer. I love helping people realise that they are capable of more than they thought!
That's all for today, most random post ever!

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