Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve! It's one of those nights that's hard to live up to expectations. I've had some amazing New Years Eves and some so-so. The important thing is being with people you love.

This year we just wanted to relax at home. Some of my besties came over, we ordered Chinese food, drank wine, had puppy cuddles, ate cookies, and watched movies.

It was fabulous.

I think there's hardly anything more exciting than a New Year and the possibilities it brings. I will be sharing some of my goals for the year with you very soon.

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  1. I think staying in is the way to go on NYE! We used to have friends over and do fondue when I was growing up and I think I want to bring that back next year :) Happy New Year!