Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Life Lately

I apologize for the complete silence over here. I have been really sick for a week, and before that, well, I have no excuse. I'm looking forward to getting feeling better and getting this year going! I am a little sick of being in leggings and pjs all the time and feeling like a bum. Although after I took the below pic I did straighten my hair and put on makeup and felt a little more human.

With all the sparkly festiveness of Christmas over, life in comparison is a little blah. I miss the Christmas season already. What is January anyways? It's like the chores month somehow. There's not even any good TV. I have spent a lot of time this year already sorting and getting rid of stuff and it feels pretty awesome. I actually feel kind of organized for once. My Mom as usual was a huge help.

I did save a little peice of Christmas by recording the fire log channel on my PVR. Instant coziness in the bedroom anytime I want!

A little project I completed recently:

Like 18 months ago, I purchased a headboard off Craiglist for $10. My mother in law and I finally finished it. It's so weird to have an actual bed. I realised it's been like 5 years since I've had a proper bed. So grown up! I will post proper pics soon, I actually need to raise the headboard, it's barely visible from under my giant mattress.

Layla got a little haircut and I think she looks even cuter. Much less scruffy without her beard lol, and a little more girly too. Love this dog!

Leigh and I are going with his mom to visit his uncle and his uncle's girlfriend in good old Enumclaw this week. I'm excited to get away, it's so nice and relaxing there and it's just good to change it up in boring January.

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