Monday, January 27, 2014

Hot Pink & Salted Caramel

If the title of my blog caught your attention, we should be friends. Or we possibly already are. :-P

Today was my normal day off so I feel very spoiled with a few days off. I got to spend lots of time with Leigh and we had a great little weekend away at his uncle's house. We had such a great time with Leigh's mom, uncle and his uncle's gilfriend. Lots of wine and lots of laughs. Honestly if people outside of our family heard how we talk to each other they would probably be alarmed but we just like to bug each other to the max and it's always hilarious. 

Of course, being in the states means we had to do a LITTLE shopping at least. I always have great finds at Marshalls and this time was no different. I found a fake leather jacket in the exact style I was looking for on clearance for $15. Can't beat that.

I always find the best flavoured coffees at Marshalls/Winners type places. I found this salted caramel coffee for $5 and I can't wait to try it tomorrow. It will probably make my morning a little better.

I know it's WAY too early for cute summery dresses but that didn't stop me from picking this up at Target. The colour is much brighter in person than in the Target photo. It feels so far away to be able to wear it but it gives me something bright and fun to look forward to.


Speaking of things to look forward to...I found this preview the other day and I got really excited. When was the last time a really fun chick flick movie came out that was worthy of a night out with girlfriends? Seriously can't remember, but I am definitely booking mine for this movie! It comes out in April.
 I have this really weird thing where I get sad if there are no good movies out. I just find it depressing for some reason. There's nothing like a good fun movie! I've also recently watched Saving Mr. Banks (some people love it, some people hate it, I loved it personally) and Wolf of Wall Street (don't have much to say about that except WOW lol, very interested but you kind of feel like you need to take a shower after that movie, just so much bad lol). 

Have you seen any good movies lately?

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