Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Wish List

I love doing these lists! Every year, as soon as the Christmas stuff is put away (which, lets be real is mid to late January) I start checking to see if anyone has spring stuff out yet. And when those happy, bright, pretty colors start to appear, I am a happy girl. Now that it's officially April and was actually sunny today, spring actually FEELS like it's underway.

The first thing on my wish list, which I took care of today, was new sunglasses.

Somehow I can't find any of mine. Last year I bought a pair from Banana Republic and they hurt my head. My super sweet client gave me a gift card to winners so I picked these out today. They're bigger than any sunglasses I've ever had and I love them.

Next is some new clothes, obviously! My wardrobe is a bit weird, because 90 percent of the time I'm wearing trainer/workout clothes, which for me are not that exciting. Cropped tights are the only pants I like now, even in the dead of winter. Usually with a long tank and a zip hoodie or track jacket.

So if I'm not working out or training clients, pretty much all I want to be wearing is a sundress. Like this one.

You always need a new bikini (or five) for the summer season.
I have always felt that a baseball tshirt is the perfect spring shirt. I am not a softball/baseball type person, but I do enjoy park lounging during my friends games.

Especially with some kind of cold delicious beverage, which I happen to have the perfect drinking cup for. 

This thing is amazing. Keeps drinks cold and makes you feel like a southern belle.

Of course, if your at the park or beach, you need a good book (or a hundred) which brings me to the latest thing on my list...some kind of new reading device. I am sad to say that my newest Kobo seems to have kicked the bucket. My first Kobo lasted me a year and a half and I've had THREE Kobo Glo's and they've all died on me. Their customer service is great, they've kept sending me new ones, but the last one they sent was refurbished so somehow I don't think I can send that back to them.

 I'm looking into other options like maybe giving the Kindle a shot. Does anyone have one?

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