Thursday, April 17, 2014

Life Lately (Has Been Interesting!)

I normally do these check in posts for random updates. Life lately has been a little different as you may have guessed. 

  • This photo was taken at 8 weeks, when I planned to start bump updates. The thing is, I've only JUST started to get a little bump so I didn't bother taking them each week. So this kind of ended up being my last "skinny" picture for awhile. :-P I'm going to start bump updates next week!
  • If you are wondering why I barely posted anything on the blog or instagram for the last two months, now you know. I realised that silence on social media can sometimes be followed by a pregnancy announcement. I had ZERO energy up until about 11 weeks. Oddly enough the only thing that made me feel better was forcing myself to get moving. Exercise really is the cure apparently. I slept SO much it's ridiculous. Especially because I got the flu right before I got pregnant and I never really got my energy back after that, until now, thank God!
  • Looking back, I definitely had a few "clues" that I missed. For instance, I polished off an entire jar of olives. I didn't want coffee at all. I made my Grandma's mac and cheese recipe and ate almost all of it myself over the course of 24 hours because it's all I felt like eating. At the time, I had about a week of zero appetite. I also was so convinced that there was a gas leak in my in-laws house that I called the gas company and made them check it out even though no one else could smell it.
  • Proving that although life is wonderful and surprising, it's rarely perfect. Amongst my super fun announcement and zillions of lovely congratulations messages, I was in agonizing wisdom tooth pain. I finally went in on Tuesday to get it taken out with only freezing. I'm amazed I stayed as calm as I did, maybe a good sign considering I'll probably maybe be in a tiny bit of pain come October. :-P For anyone that is concerned, it was too much risk to leave it in and risk infection and also not good for the baby considering how much pain I was in. My body felt so stressed and anxious. Minus normal recovery pain it's feeling a lot better.
  • It's actually really surprising how early some symptoms show up, such as difficulty sleeping. I'm trying to get used to sleeping on my side, even though it's not necessary quite yet, it's a huge adjustment. Thankfully my sweet Mom bought me a Snoogle. It's the best thing ever. When I can get my hands on it first that is.
  • I'm seriously trying to think of something non-baby related to say but it's damn near impossible because I've been keeping this secret for six freaking weeks and it feels so good to get it out. I don't plan on turning Life of Taren into a baby blog, but my life is kinda about growing a baby right now, so there will be some of that. I also plan to be as open and honest as possible while maintaining a positive attitude about things!
  • One of the first thing I realised when I got pregnant was I was going to have to take some time off!  I quickly researched self employed mat leave and found out that although it actually exists now (Yay!) you have to register for it 12 months in advance. Crap. I quickly solved that problem by getting a part time "day job" at my old work, Fuel Supplements! It works out really well since I work in the mornings usually and then have clients at night. It keeps my days going quick when time seems to be going at a turtle pace. Also, I get to feed people. Love it.
  • I really love reading other blogs, and I'd really love to know what you guys actually are interested in reading when it comes to pregnancy. I feel like I have a LOT to say about body image/pregnancy weight so expect some of that, but if there's anything anyone is interested in hearing my perspective on, leave a comment!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend, I am looking forward to some family time this weekend and some yummy dinners! Also, if the Easter bunny brings me some mini eggs, I won't be sad.

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