Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bump Love {13 Weeks}

Ahhh here it is the very first bump update!! I was actually kind of shocked when I uploaded this picture. This morning it looked way smaller but it fluctuates in size from morning to night for a lot of people I think. I kinda took bits and peices from other blogs to make my own little quiz each week!

Baby is the size of a peach!

Due Date: October 26

Maternity clothes? The above is actually a maternity maxi dress! I don't really need it yet but they are so comfy and cute!  Dressing this little bump is actually quite weird. I've heard people say this and it really is true: This early in the game just looks like you have a food baby! I know it's not and any weight I've gained (or will gain) is not a big deal in the long run and I'm not going to stress about it but I will post more about this subject. For the record, I am eating healthy but not depriving myself either. ;-)

Best moment this week:  This was kind of last week, but taking our sweet announcement photos and having them turn out even better than I imagined. And the zillions of congrats that followed kept me smiling all week!

Miss Anything? Wine and Sangria!

Movement: Not yet!

Cravings: Not a lot this week, but a steady craving has been salty things such as pickles/olives/soy sauce. I have been eating bowls of broccoli with a little bit of soy sauce. Also, anything cold and refreshing, smoothies, fruit, ect. 

Symptoms: Nausea has mostly gone away but I still get it occasionally. Get tired much more easily than normal. Also heartburn haha.
Workouts: A bit of walking which has made a big difference. My energy made a reappearance after a few months off and I'm going to take full advantage of this while I can!

Baby Items Purchased: I have been SO good, I keep seeing cute things but they're all gender specific. We're not finding out the gender until mid June (at our gender reveal party!) However, Baby Evans did receive his/her first outfit from Auntie Chloe, a freaking adorable little Christmas outfit. I also bought the baby shoes for the announcement photo and we have been so lucky with people giving us stuff to use!

Mood: Mostly happy and excited! This past week was hard because I had my wisdom tooth out so I was in a lot of pain/discomfort. I also found out today that I had dry sockets pretty much the entire time. It was painful but I just assumed dry sockets would be MORE painful. On the bright side labor might seem a TINY bit less painful after this!

Loving: Having my energy back! No more waking up and feeling like going back to bed after breakfast! I'm also loving my itty bitty bump that's starting to come out!

Looking Forward To: First off, finding out the gender. Then, shopping.  I'm also really looking forward to being able to wear sundresses, especially when I start showing. I think a bump in a sundress is just the cutest thing ever. I apologize in advance for the selfies that may will occur.

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  1. Adorable! Can't wait to follow along on your journey to motherhood :)