Friday, July 4, 2014

Bump Love: {23 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of A Grapefruit!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: GIRL!!

Maternity Clothes: Actually treated myself to some new clothes this week. Thyme Maternity was having a crazy good sale that was too awesome to pass up. Sweater in above photo: $7. See what I mean?!

Best Moment This Week: Whenever the baby kicks hard, I always say "Whoa" to myself exactly in Joey from Blossom style. The other night, the baby kicked me crazy hard right next to my belly button while I was laying in bed. I quickly grabbed Leigh's hand in case she did it again and she did, right away and he went "Whoa!" Made me laugh!

Miss Anything? Yes. Being able to prance around feeling light as a feather. Instead of a bull in a china shop.

Sleep: Sleeping better, really deep but back pain is still making it hard for me to get comfortable. Thank goodness for naps.

Movement: Tons.

Cravings: Judge all you want, but had to give in to my Coke float craving this week!

Aversions: Nothing really. Eating more chicken lately, woo hoo!

Symptoms: Not really any new ones, but this week was really physically hard, due to spraining my ankle. I couldn't move around without crutches or hopping for a few days, so I basically didn't move except to go to the bathroom and then I had to crawl. Now that I'm back on my feet somewhat, I am feeling a bit better but still aches and pains and tiredness all over.

Workouts: Oddly enough even though I was injured I did get some upper body workouts in. I was going so crazy with not moving I thought I might as well do something!

Baby Items Purchased: Nothing new this week for the baby.

Mood: Still over the moon about having a daughter but to be honest I have felt pretty blah this week due to being injured.

Loving: Pinning all the things. Including Christmas baby stuff, since she'll be here just as the holiday season is starting to kick off.

Looking Forward To: My foot healing! Also I have some fun DIY projects I'm going to start soon which of course I'll be posting about!

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