Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Bucket List (Preggo Version)

I debated even making a list like this because summer is a little different during pregnancy. Normally summer to me means living in sundresses and bathing suits and that doesn't appear to be happening this year! ;-) I am still enjoying it but I'm enjoying it in a do-nothing sort of way. However, I still have some fun things planned:
**Go to the flying field with Leigh. It's way more fun that it sounds, because we usually take a cooler with drinks and snacks, our reclining chairs, a canopy and of course my Kobo. Sometimes we bring Layla but it gets pretty hot for her. This is one of my top favourite activities in the summer. It's so quiet and relaxing and Leigh and I both get to do our favourite things.
**Take Layla swimming. She hasn't really gone in a lake or anything, just a river.
**Have an outdoor movie night.
**Go shopping in the states (I have been putting off my passport renewal for months)
**Go on our annual girls trip. (So far these last two) are probably going to occur in the same weekend.
**Bring treats to Leigh's work
**Have a picnic in the park.
**Go to the zoo. (Seriously been wanting to do this forever.)
**Read a zillion books
**Go to the drive-in. I can never talk Leigh into this but I'm still gonna try!
**Paint something (more on this later)
**Do some DIY projects I have planned for the baby/apartment.
**Go to a food truck festival. I feel like this is the best pregnant activity ever.
**Ditto for PNE. Sno-cone? Yes please.
**Hoping to get in a visit to our favourite little US town, Enumclaw to visit Leigh's uncle.

One giant item on my summer bucket list is getting organized for the baby. I have been sorting my own clothes, paperwork, getting rid of clutter, you name it. I just want to be able to focus on the baby when she comes so I'm trying to simplify life as much as possible. So far, I'm kinda kicking ass at it, not to brag but I've been checking tons of items off my to do list. Yay, me! And thank you for nesting randomly kicking in because that is what makes checking items off my list possible!


  1. I think that's a great list! You should include a pedicure for yourself...that's a great thing for summer and especially being pregnant :)

  2. I so want to go to the zoo, drive in, and food cart festival!