Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bump Love {24 Weeks}

Baby is the Size of A Cantaloupe!

Due Date: October 26

Gender: Baby girl!

Maternity Clothes: They're pretty full force now. Even my non-maternity workout capris are getting uncomfortable. I'm actually surprised I made it this far!

Best Moment This Week: This was kinda silly, but I can tell already Leigh is going to be a protective Dad. I told him we can put a flashlight to my belly and the baby might move around and he was like "Don't do that! Let her sleep!" So cute.

Miss Anything? Seems slightly wrong to go an entire summer without wine or sangria. Just saying.

Sleep: Sleeping pretty good. Trying to go to bed a little earlier, that seems to help. Also I can't remember if I mentioned this before but I downloaded a white noise app and play the "heavy rainfall" all night and I think it makes a huge difference.

Movement: Definitely moving lots, although one day felt like she only had little movements and yesterday it felt like she was having a party in there, it was non-stop all day.

Cravings: When it got cold and rainy last weekend I was really craving my lasagna rolls but I'm too lazy to make them. Plus it's hot again.

Aversions: Nothing really specific.

Symptoms: Round ligament pain, lower back pain, sore feet, a bit of heartburn.

Workouts: I've been still taking it easy on my poor feet but working on upper body exercises. Need to have strong arms to hold the baby for hours!

Baby Items Purchased: Having an injured foot really does wonders for saving money, I haven't set foot in Target in two weeks. :-P Starting to set up my registry though!

Mood: Ha. Mostly happy with occasional moments of desperately wanting my own private island.

Loving: Getting further along in my pregnancy. I actually look full on pregnant now so people are asking me when I'm due and things like that. I can't believe how fast it's moving along now!

Looking Forward To: Finally made some summer plans with the girls, so I'm excited about that. I'm also seriously thinking about buying a kiddie pool to sit and read books in. 


  1. I like the kiddie pool idea :)

  2. Hi Jaren its good to know that you are doing great and hope you are having a great time, by the way the picture of you is great