Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Outdoor Movie Night

I am quite pleased to say that I accomplished one of my preggo summer bucket list items and it was so much fun. My in-laws are away on vacation right now and they have an awesome patio with twinkly lights that overlooks a lot of Coquitlam. I knew it would be the perfect setting for an outdoor movie night! I planned it with the girls ahead of time and of course, it rained all morning. It seemed like it was going to let up and be nice so I got everything ready anyways except for the heavy lifting ie our TV that needed to be put on the patio. I came home from work to everything all set up thanks to my sweet hubby.

It was a little late for dinner so I made some smores because it seemed to go with an outdoor movie night. I was also delighted that one of my friends brought me THREE avacados after I posted I had a guacamole craving so I finally got to have some! We ended up watching Bridesmaids which is now a girl movie classic in my opinion. Such a fun night, I highly recommend getting creative and setting up a tv outside!

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  1. Sounds like a fun night with your girlfriends :)