Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Some Random Tuesday Ramblings

We are all kinds of preggo crazy over here today. I hate complaining and I feel like I've been doing a lot of it lately but I'm just gonna be honest and then we're going to move on.

The past few days I have had horrible back pain. I actually brought in my zero gravity (basically like a comfy camping chair) into the house and covered it with blankets because it took the pressure off my back. So I've been using that and then also sleeping on the couch in this makeshift nest that allows me to basically sleep upright without falling over in the middle of the night. I have been getting a few hours of sleep each night which is better than nothing but the lack of sleep and presence of pain is causing me to behave like a total moron. This is some of the dumb shit I've done in the past few days:

**Asked my father in law to fix my lamp. It did not need fixing. It needed an new bulb. Did not occur to me.

**Did hair and makeup super cute for family BBQ on Sunday. Noticed my roots looked kind of weird, decided to freshen them up with dry shampoo instead. Used dry shampoo. Except was not dry shampoo. Was hairspray. Then had to put my hair in weird looking shiny ponytail that made me look like a member of fast and the furious.

**And the winner of stupid shit I did this weekend was LOST MY PHONE. I had it with me, I texted my sister to see if she wanted anything at at the store. Pretty sure I took it into Chevron with me. Layla started barking like crazy because she couldn't see me in Chevron so I was definitely distracted. Got to my sisters, phone was nowhere to be found, went back to Chevron and tore apart car. Gone, gone, gone. I am sad and lost without it.

So this weekend was kind of interesting. On the bright side, we had a family BBQ at my Grandma's and it was really fun, Leigh brought a little plane to fly so we all went down to the park. My nephew Oliver went absolutely nuts over this plane, he was running around trying to catch it. He kept calling it a helicopter which was adorable.

Also on the bright side, we (mostly Leigh) put together a little baby closet as I like to call it. Because the baby won't have her own room until we get our apartment, I wanted somewhere I could have all her girly stuff cutely displayed and I am loving it so far! Leigh put it together in about 5 minutes. I wish I was handy as that guy!

Well thanks for reading my crazy rant for today. Even though I kind of want to just hide under the covers until my brain returns to it's normal functioning (although a bit ditzy) state, I'm off to go sort out a phone situation. Tempted to buy a shiny new iphone for my birthday next month but for some strange reason, Leigh seems a bit reluctant to shell out for a brand new phone for me right now. Isn't that strange? :-P

I also have an ultrasound today that will tell me if I do or don't need a c-section. Excited to see how my little mini me is doing in there!

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  1. Oh man, what a case of pregnancy brain that you had! Love the closet your husband put together. And woo hoo for another ultrasound! Hope baby girl is looking good :)