Thursday, September 18, 2014

What I'm Loving: Gold, Pumpkins & More

I haven't done a favourites post lately but I have been loving so many things so it's happening today! First on the list:

My dog. It was her 2nd birthday on Tuesday and yes, I bought her a cake. She brings us so much joy I could buy her a cake every day, except then she wouldn't get as excited. She knows the words "birthday" and "birthday cake" so we loved to get her all psyched up about her birthday.

When I got my makeup done at Mac for my maternity pictures, I asked the makeup artist for her absolute best product for under eye circles. I have always had horrible under eye circles, I don't know if it's skin or just shadows but the fact that I'm going to be living on no sleep made me want to arm myself with something that will make me look human again. I am wearing Mac Prep and Prime in Bright Forecast and a little bit of Matchmaster Concealer in 2 on top and it totally works, even when I recreate the look on my own (minus fancy eye shadow, of course).

Also a new favourite that I'm wearing in the above pic: Mac Cremesheen Glass Lipgloss in "Floating Lotus" the most perfect shade of pink! I asked the makeup artist for a lip color that I could throw on and it would look pretty and brighten up my face and she found the perfect one!

Pumpkin Macarons - words cannot really express how I felt about these. They were freaking delicious. The most interesting thing about them was they tasted exactly like pumpkin pie but in macaron form. Instead of the normal filling, it had like pumpkin pie filling. Unexpected and amazing.

Why is Mindy just so, so great? I watched the first episode twice and laughed a million times. I could not love this show more. I'm so glad it's almost fall again. I am collecting comfy clothes, pvr recordings and soup recipes in preparation for a cozy winter with a baby sleeping on my chest.

Speaking of cozy clothes, this baby girl outfit which is one of the many amazing outfits that we got. The top and leggings are from my sister in law's friend Jenna, who helped plan the shower, and the little shoes are from my friend Nicky. I put them together and almost died from cute overload. The little gold touches are so perfect.


  1. I wish we could do that for Harley but it's got a super sensitive belly :( So cute though! And how cute is that little outfit?!

  2. Your dog is so cute! We used to give out dog special treats on his birthday too. They totally become a part of the family.

    I love the sparkle on the baby shoes! They're so cute.