Tuesday, April 7, 2015

First Weeks In Our New Home

Where to begin?!
I can't even believe it's been almost 3 weeks! We are loving living here so much!
Our favourite hang out
Getting our keys was a super awesome surreal moment. Naturally we invited the whole family to see our place so we had four parents, my sister in law and my nephew running around like he owned the place, plus the little lady of course. My mom came prepared with food so we had a quick bite and headed out, leaving my parents there. My dad painted Arianna's room and my mom scotch-guarded (aka Layla guarded) the carpets and our new rug, and also sealed our kitchen and bathroom grout.

Layla's bedroom ;-)

Moving felt super easy. I am so grateful that we had so much help! I woke up with seriously Wonder Woman energy. I hauled ass the moment we picked up the truck. First we loaded boxes from my mom's garage, which was all our kitchen stuff and also our patio set. Then we took the truck back to my in laws and my father in law and brother in law helped Leigh and I load up the truck while my mother in law watched the baby. We were done loading like two hours early so we headed to our new place even though we didn't have the elevator booked till 5. I had three awesome friends show up as well as my in-laws to help which made it go super super fast. While they unloaded the truck,I put the boxes in stacks in each room. We finished so quickly that my girlfriends were able to help my mom and I unpack the kitchen and the bedroom. By 8pm the apartment looked like a home, seriously! Thank goodness I had help with those two rooms because they are both SO organized!

Patio! I scored this set on a Facebook buy/sell page for $90. I plan on recovering (with my mother in law's help) these cushions as the colours aren't my style but they're fine for now!

This place has some seriously awesome perks such as an ice/water machine in our fridge (so easy to keep refilling my cup so I stay hydrated) as well as something that looks like a wine bottle holder in the fridge. At least that's what I'm using it for. We had Telus previously but this place comes with Shaw included in our strata for 3 years. I was so surprised that they also set up everyone with a PVR. I also signed up for a free trial of shomi which is basically Shaw's version of Netflix. There's so many things I love about our place. It's SOOO BRIGHT. Like crazy bright. I've ordered fabric for room darkening curtains and even though my bedroom curtains block out a lot of light I will probably need blackout curtains in there too. Especially when the sun comes up at like 5 am in the summer! I seriously love my bathroom, it's huge and the bathtub is so deep.

About 1/4 of my dresses, the rest are in storage right now 
I'm probably more organized than I've ever been in my entire life. I know where everything is in my house for once. I've been working on little corners to get them super organized. The other day I color coordinated our closets. Who am I?! It makes it look so much neater this way.

Leigh gets one rack, that's it! Haha

Adjusting to living in an apartment with a dog and baby has actually been surprisingly super easy as well. I pop Arianna in the ergo, and take Layla for a few walks each day, although they have not been long ones because it's literally been pouring for a week! Leigh usually will take her out for the first and last bathroom break of the day. We have been going for family walks every night. Somehow we usually end up at Starbucks which is not good haha.

A peek at Arianna's not finished room
My dad has been working on refinishing my dining room set so I will share that when it's done. He sometimes even lets me and my mom help!

FINALLY being here after 14 months of waiting has actually been so strange in the way that it feels so normal. I feel like we've lived here forever. When I get up in the morning to make coffee, I don't like wander around forgetting where everything is, I just kinda know where to go. It feels so natural to be here. That probably doesn't make any sense. I can't even really explain it. It just feels like home.


  1. So glad to hear that you love it! It looks wonderful :)

  2. It looks like you have a beautiful first home to bring your first baby back to. Getting my house ready for my first child was the weirdest feeling. The second time around it is still special because you forget how much there really is to prepare for a baby. I did the second time because I felt much more confident.

    Julia Stewart @ Daytona Buyers Agent