Friday, April 10, 2015

Mama Makeover

I posted in January about how I was struggling.

I am doing a lot better. Since then I've lost over 10lbs and several inches (3 around my midsection!) and I'm feeling a lot better. I am active every day, especially with living in an apartment with a dog, we go for many walks every day. But I still didn't feel like my old self. That's because I'm not my old self. Parts of me are the same but I feel like a different person. That's not a bad thing, at all, but I didn't really know how to adapt so I felt GOOD about this new person, especially since I felt like I looked like a very tired, old, not the best version of myself. I want to be the best mom and wife and person I can be while feeling good. For me, looking good (healthy, happy, taking care of myself) on the outside = feeling good on the inside. 

My hair has been a DISASTER lately. Let's see, tons falling out (normal postpardom) messy bun every single day, haven't unpacked my hair straightener, tons of split ends, haven't dyed it in over a year, plus Arianna loves to grab it and get it all tangled.  Time for a change for sure.

So this is the start of my mama makeover! 

Of course, thanks to my beautiful sister at Salon Fifty Five, who always makes me look like my best self!

Now I need to learn how to style it haha! The great thing with this cut is that I can straighten it easily or with some level of difficulty, curl it! There's lots of different looks I can try which is fun.