Monday, April 6, 2015

Arianna {5 Months}

This little munchkin is just getting cuter and cuter...and sometimes more and more challenging.

Weight:  16.1 lbs!

Height:  Around 25.5 inches (90th percentile for weight and height!)

Feeding:  Still mostly breastfed, some nights she will have 1 bottle of formula. We have also started her on a little bit of cereal and she has had a taste of apples! I will be trying making my own baby food very soon! It is a little bit earlier than they recommend (as they change what they say every 5 minutes) but I felt she was ready and she gobbles it up like crazy.

Sleep: 4 month sleep regression can seriously bite me. Started early and is still going. Her sleep is honestly worse every night, thrown in with a 6 hour stretch every once in awhile just to give me a tiny smidgen of hope. Goes something like this: 630pm: bath, feed, snuggles, singing. Put her down, she cries, eventually she nods off, wakes up like 10 minutes later. Repeat for like 4 hours. Finally get her to sleep. Watch one episode of show, go to bed, she wakes up between 1-2, feed, will not go back to sleep, laughs like she really enjoys my under eye circles, I bring her into bed with us, she passes out until 5-6. Seriously. It's horrible. I know babies can be challenging but I always thought if I worked at it, she could be a great sleeper. She's like "No, thanks, Mom, I'd rather keep you on your toes." 

*Rolls over from back to front in the blink of an eye. Has no interest in rolling the other way, even though she did it at 11 weeks. 
*Holds toys, grabs EVERYTHING in her reach, hair, clothes, doctor's stethoscope, whatever. 
*Giggles, smiles and laughs are the best. 
*She definitely is starting to recognize faces, she smiles so big when Leigh gets home and loves all her family members.
*She's starting to babble and make different noises, according to my Wonder Weeks app it's because she's using consonants instead of just vowels.
*Is very strong, has such a tight grip. If you try to help her sit up, she will just stand up instead. Not interested in sitting, just standing!

Clothes: Still in 3-6 months thankfully, I hope that will last awhile! She still has a bunch of cute outfits she hasn't gotten to wear yet since we were so busy with the move.

Diapers: Just bought a box of size 3.

Likes: She's generally a very happy girl. 
*She absolutely adores Layla, she smiles so big around her and Layla will come up and give her little tiny kisses. 
*She loves going for walks, whether in the ergo or stroller. Any books or toys that are bright colours. 
*She absolutely loves having baths, I put her little whale tub in the big tub and sit there for 10 minutes just pouring water over her belly and she is so happy. 
*She loves music, especially wheels on the bus. I also sing to her (even though I suck) every night before bed, I wanted to have one bedtime song so I sing "A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes" from Cinderella every night before bed. Usually like a hundred times.

Dislikes: Sleep.

Baby gear we love: I'm still using the magic sleep suit, and it definitely helps keep her snug and cozy. We are loving having her room all set up and can't wait to finish it off with her curtains and some shelves. Also we are using our Ergo TONS! It's so perfect for quick little walks to take Layla out. Also sometimes if I really can't get her to nap, I pop her in and she's usually asleep within minutes.

Things I don't want to forget:
In the middle of the night when I crack and bring her into bed with us, she gets so happy. I never wanted to co-sleep but when she is nestled in between us (not the recommended co-sleeping position but it works best for us) she sleeps with one hand reached out touching Leigh basically the entire night. Melt. It's not what I want to do long term, but I can't say I even remotely mind waking up with my whole family in my bed (Layla included). 

Looking Forward to:
We are just enjoying being in our own little pad, even if our little princess is giving us a serious run for our money in the sleep department. The weather has been nicer the last few days which makes me look forward to summer of course! 

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  1. Oh man, hang in there mama! Hopefully her sleep gets better soon. I'm not looking forward to that at all!