Monday, April 13, 2015

Mommy & Me Styled Photos

Recently Arianna and I got to be models for our very favourite photographer, Carol-Ann! She had a vision for a styled Mommy and Me shoot and I loooooove how they turned out! That girl's got talent! Her mama made the crowns, I believe. I love how the styled ones turned out with the floral crowns but I also love the simple ones in our white dresses. Such a gorgeous backdrop, I wish this was how my bedroom looked!

So, here is Arianna's very first photoshoot! First of many many many!

haha I love this picture her face is hilarious! Would be nice if she was smiling but babies don't behave! :-P


Almost makes me miss my hair a little...but not really!

Ahh I just love them so much. How will I ever choose which ones to put up on my wall?!

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