Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Arianna {8 Months}

As you can see our 8 month picture went very smoothly.

Miss Arianna is somehow already 8 months old!

weight: 19lbs
height: haven't measured since last month

*no teeth still!
*eats everything we give her, except pasta. At least the one I made which was a cheesy spinach one. I'll try again with tomato sauce. She loves fruit!
*still babbling away constantly.
*she definitely knows mama, daddy and Layla. If we say one of our names she starts looking for us.
*still army crawling ALLL over the place. I set her down in the living room and a minute later I looked down and she was at my feet in the kitchen about to put her hand in Layla's water dish.
*I taught her how to feed me, so that's handy. She will put food in my mouth and then giggle.
*goes up on all fours while crawling and rocks back and forth
*can do a plank haha
*she loves to crawl into and play in her room. She goes over to her book basket and plays with the books, or looks in the mirror, or plays with the door springy thing.
*not much has changed development wise since the last update, but I find this to be one of the most entertaining months so far.
*we've gone from baby tub to blow up tub to regular tub in a month, she can pull herself out of everything way too easily
*size 3 diapers
*is in 6-12 month clothes but 12 month jammies
*is sleeping amazing. We were having challenges with naps but that has been resolved with an adjustment in her nap schedule. Thanks to our amazing sleep consultant!
*current schedule is: awake at 6am (sometimes a bit later) first nap around 9-10:15, 2nd nap around 1:15-230, bedtime between 6-630 depending how late she slept for the last nap. Keeping her awake for the right amount of time is the key to happiness in life.
*even though she's been a bit fussy the last week or so, we're having so much fun with her. Her little personality is shining through and we can't wait to see her develop more.
*I'm totally trying to soak up the baby stage while it lasts but I also can't wait till she's a little tot running around and talking!

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