Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Arianna's Toddler Room Inspiration

I have always been firmly in the camp that I would keep Arianna in a crib until she could climb out and I couldn't stop her with any tricks. However, as soon as she turned 2, I got the itch to turn her room into a "big girl room". Before you say "Don't do it!", don't worry. This is not happening anytime soon.

However, I AM starting to gather ideas via Pinterest and items that we will need to set her room up. 

The first thing I purchased was a comforter set from Target in this gorgeous pattern. I got a twin, which will be the right width but a little long. I absolutely love this bedding and I think it will match the curtains that my mother in law made for her original nursery! Side note, did you know if you live in Canada close to the border, you can order from Target and ship to the local store for free? The only downside is you have to be prepared to pick it up ASAP, because they only hold it in store for 3 days max.

The second thing I got from her room was this toddler bed from a Facebook bidding page and I got an amazing deal! It's an extendable bed so when she outgrows the toddler mattress, I can just buy a twin and extend the bed.

Is this not the cutest little girl bed ever?! My niece has the same one and Arianna is obsessed with her room, every time we are there Arianna wants to play in her room and in her bed! 

These tassel garlands have been around for several years now but I still love them! This shop will make custom coloured ones so I'm thinking of getting her to do one to match the bedding!

I looove this Etsy print!

Her crib right now is against the wall, but when I replace it with the bed, I will put the headboard against the wall where the crib was. I'm thinking of painting one of those Michael's crates white and using it as a little side table, because then we can also use it to store books. 
shelf from Target

On the other side of her bed I'm going to do some fun stuff on the wall, and I love this shelf for holding Little People! On the other side of the crib we currently have her dresser and play kitchen, which I will keep in there. I might have to take some toys out when we do the actual transition though haha.

Speaking of the transition if anyone has any tips, feel free to send them our way! You can see my Pinterest board for Arianna's room here.

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