Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Getting Organized with Happy Planners

After posting a picture of my little office corner on Facebook, it sparked the discussion of planners and I have had a few people join me in starting with a Happy Planner. So I decided to post about what they're all about!

A few years ago, I got a planner from Erin Condren that was very similar and they customised a cover for you so it had my name on it. However, it was extremely expensive, I had to ship it to the states because shipping was astronomical to Canada. I would write my schedule in it and then that was kind of it. I also got it right before I got pregnant with Arianna so that year was a bit different than most.

Around July last year, I spotted a small section of these Happy Planners at Michael's and hummed and hawed about which one to get. 

I finally chose one that came in a kit with stickers and have been going back for more ever since. I've also since joined a Happy Planner Facebook group! Since they took the Christmas stuff down at Michael s, the planner section now takes up an entire one side of a row. Everyone is addicted!

                                                                   Why is it so fun?

First of all, it's very easy to use. But you don't have to just put your appointments in and leave it at that! There's tons of accessories that go with it! Sticker packs, a Budget pack, Home Management pack, Fitness pack, even a wedding planning pack! A lot of girls use washi tape to decorate their planners but I haven't tried that yet. 

I use mine for pretty much everything. I write all my appointments, my to do list, bills to pay, things I want to accomplish. I have purchased the blank lined and graphed pack of paper to make wish lists, to do lists, idea lists. I also have the budget and fitness packs for this year.

The great thing about this is that you can get organized and be creative at the same time! One of my favourite things to do is sit down with a coffee (perched far, far away from my planner because my name is Taren and I'm a klutz) and decorate for the week with stickers! 

The other thing that has made me use my planner way more is having my little shelf above my computer where I leave it propped open all the time. I get to look at it whenever I want and my schedule becomes very set in my mind. I do still put appointments in my phone but I feel very organized and clear about where my day is going.

I also have a mini planner that I use as a gratitude journal, because i've always wanted to do that but never stuck with it. Having a space for each day keeps me motivated to fill it with gratitude!

One of my favourite things about this little hobby is although it CAN be very expensive, Michael's almost always has a 40-50% off coupon! So if you are patient and can buy one thing at a time, you can pick up accessories for very cheap and build your little collection!

I also follow the Create365 facebook page because they always post great ideas on how to use their products! That's where I got the idea to use a mini for a gratitude journal.

A planner is usually about $40, sticker packs are $30, expansion packs are $14-20ish, but keep in mind that you can use coupons on everything and pay half!

If you are interested in these products, I definitely recommend checking out the planner aisle at Michael's! Make sure you take a coupon with you, you can save them to your phone!  You can also browse the Create365 site to see what products they have, but keep in mind it's an american site so in US dollars and expensive to ship here! I've never ordered because Michael's has a great selection. I believe you can also order off Amazon!

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