Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2011 Recap!

I'll be honest with you guys. 2011 was not my favourite most fun year ever. It was hard. Really hard. But now that I am at the end of it, I am realising that even though it was a struggle, I was moving forward in life and getting stronger.
Here's a little recap:
In January, I left my full time office job to pursue my personal training career. At the time I thought it wouldn't take me very long as I'd already started the process. I was very wrong. When I had previously done my research, the BCRPA had a much easier process. Now they've made you really do your work! In between each course/exam/packages I had to fill out, I had to register with the BCRPA and wait for them to send me back their acceptance of whatever I sent them. Ugh. It sucked. However, I am now very glad for this process because it is the highest standard in Canada for Personal Training and that's something to be proud of. 

2010 was my wedding year and also my brother's so it was a big year in my family. This year was all about my little sis Jenn and her fiance/now husband Andrei! We had quite a few wedding events that were a lot of fun!

In February she had an engagement party at our apartment building:

I'm sad to say that most of this year was focused on career and so Leigh and I didn't get a chance to do any little Summer trips or anything, which is why we have big plans for 2012!
In August, we did celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary! Read my anniversary post here!

He surprised me at work with a Pandora Bracelet and Mother of Pearl Heart Charm, which was perfect because he gave me a Mother of Pearl Tiffany necklace for our wedding! 

We also had a little mini photoshoot with my fave photographer ever, Carol-Ann!

Click here to see my post with more pictures!

In September, we had Jenn's Saved By The Bell themed Stagette! Sooo much fun! I was so stressed because I'd ordered her outfit online and it didn't come until like the day before!!

In September I also celebrated having my blog for a whole year!! yay me!

October is always a crazy month in my family. Three birthdays + Halloween! This one was even crazier because of Jenn's adorable purple themed shower hosted by her co-worker Chris!

Click here to see my post on Jenn's Shower!

Leigh and I also had our long awaited Pumpkin Patch Date! I don't know if I told you guys but I actually worked there a bit too! I've known the owner forever through my dad's company so I called her up and asked if she needed an extra hand. That place is crazy popular and it was so much fun working there! 

I also had a low-key birthday gathering to celebrate turning 27!

November was Wedding Month! We went to Cabo in early November:  Click here, here, and here for some recaps!

On November 11, 2011 (11-11-11!) Jenn and Andrei got married!! 

They had a reception on November 26, it was so beautiful!!

That about brings us to the Christmas season, which I will have already posted about by the time you read this!

Happy New Year to every one of you! I know 2012 is going to be an amazing year and I have some fun plans I am very excited about! Thanks for reading!


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