Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What I Got For Christmas

I saw another blogger do this and I thought it would be fun to do a picture post of what I got for Christmas! I also like to go back and read my blog sometimes, it's like an online diary so this is good! I took pics of everything last night while my hubby was having a nap hehe.

First of all, you might have seen this already but I got a Keurig for Christmas! Also in the picture, our new cups from my brother and sister-in-law, my Christmas k-cups (spicy eggnog, gingerbread, and golden french toast-all amazing!) and the carousel to keep them in (both from my in laws!)

awesome cozy socks in my stocking!

my stocking was awesome! in the little bag was a pink razor! and I also got an Archie and Quality Street and a snowman full of hot chocolate!
 My mom got us awesome stuff for our house that we totally needed, like dishcloths and long rugs because our whole place is hardwood! She also gave us a Tassimo coffee maker lol! She wanted to surprise us! Everyone knows me so well and how much I looove my coffee!! I will have to take one back because I don't need two. :-P Also this awesome lamp and clock!

 Watch from Leigh in my Stocking from American Eagle! So cute!
 My fave jeans from American Eagle!
 Workout outfit from Leigh!
 My sister in law gave me this adorable book and my sis gave me a sister charm which you can't see on my bracelet but it's really sweet!

 My mother in law made me this super cute pillow! How cute is that!!
I forgot to take pics of some stuff because I am already using it. I got an top and cardigan thingy from my mother in law and I wore it on Christmas Day. She also gave me a jewelery box which I already put in my bedroom so I forgot to take a picture of it. I wish I had this hilarious picture from her camera because her and I gave each other the same sweater! She gave me a white one and I gave her a black one! Too funny! Oh and I got a Chapters gift card from my brother in law!

All in all it was an awesome Christmas, I got to spend so much time with family which is the best!!

What did everyone else get for Christmas?!


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