Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project #7: Layla Binder

I'm not a very organized person when it comes to papers, ect. I definitley lose things easily. However, having a dog made me realise that there is living being depending on me to take care of her, so I have become organized with Layla. I had all her papers in a manila envelope, but it was not a good system, things can get easily lost. So I created a Layla binder, with her vet visits and shot dates, training info, pretty much everything relating to her. 

I still plan to put dividers in them with "Vet visits, insurance, training" ect but I can't find the dividers I bought. Shocking.

At least I won't lose any more Layla papers.




  1. I also find it handy to keep rabies/dog licence in the binder and keep the #'s in my phone along with the vets #, tattoo # and microchip information. We have lost so many dog licences over the years (they seem to come off the collar) but if you have all the information in your phone you will always have it on had if something happened!

    1. Yup I've got all that in the binder, but I will definitely put that info in my phone and my hubbys, thanks for the tip!