Tuesday, January 1, 2013

30 Day Challenge

Happy new year!! I'm so excited for 2013.
So I decided to do something kinda crazy. Not as crazy as this, but still. It's not fitness related at all, although I do still have plans to kick up my fitness a bit more. You see, January is my least favourite month. I LOVE the fall/Christmas season so much that when it's over, I kinda just want to hide under my duvet until May. So I thought to myself how can I keep myself excited and entertained during this boring ass month?
Enter my challenge:

Now, this might seem crazy but I'm going to keep it very simple:

  • Create 30 projects in 30 days. Not one project per day. Meaning I can do 5 on a Sunday if I want.
  • They can be ANYTHING. Organization projects, DIY's, or even a recipe. Most of the things I plan to do are coming from Pinterest. A friend of mine did this in the summer, which is what gave me the idea (Thanks, Christina!) and I'm going to blog about each one, although it doesn't have to be individually or a long post.
  • I can prepare for them now, but I can't start them in January and they need to be completed by January 31.

Even though I'm already going to be busy with work, since I am a trainer and all and January is THE fitness month, I am really excited about this. I always have all these ideas and now it's time to get them done.


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