Monday, January 7, 2013

Project Challenge: Project #2 and #3

So a week or so ago I posted about my 30 day project challenge!

It might seem like I'm a little behind on my projects but really I just haven't had a chance to blog about them.

Project #2 was pretty simple: Get a notebook for 2013 and make a goal list for the year. I do this every year and I find it so much fun to look back at my old notebooks and see how far I've come. In the pic above, the polka dot one is from 2010. The first page is a honeymoon packing check list :-). The second one is 2012 and the top one is for this year!  I picked this gorgeous journal up at HomeSense for $6 and I love it. As you can probably see, I'm obsessed with turquoise. I love writing things down and making lists so I carry this around with me for whenever inspiration strikes.

So my goal list is completed and over a page long! I have made a goal list for the past few years and I love doing them. I find it much different than "resolutions". Last year, I made a goal to compete in a fitness show. I didn't say lose weight, get in shape or any of the "typical" resolutions. I just did my best for 5 months. So this is the attitude that I will try to have.

Project #3 was a work related project. I tend to design workouts on blank peices of paper and end up with stacks of them. I decided to sort out all my client files and make sure everything was in it's proper place. I never realised how many clients I have until I did this! I love them all!

 I decided to put my files in this file box I already have so I can take them home easily to work on programs!

So organized! Yay!

Project #4 and #5 coming soon. This is fun!


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