Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Hair & Other Randoms

Whenever I go too long without posting, I have to do a randoms post, because there is too much to post about individually but just enough to cram into one.

First -  I got new hair! K, it's still my hair but it's a new colour. I had the ombre for months and months, so it was definitely time for a change, back to all dark. Thanks of course to my amazing sister Jenn, who is also my hairdresser. I am loving the dark shine!

Just for fun, my fall header from 3 years ago.

I totally missed my 3 year blogaversary! Can you believe I've been blogging for three years? You'd think I'd be better at it by now! Haha. But seriously, blogging is one of my true loves and I honestly do it for fun because I love to talk and write and I like pretending that I'm talking to my readers in person. So thank you all for keeping up with my craziness.

The THIRD Bridget Jones book is out today. Seriously. Bridget Jones was probably the first chick lit book I ever read, probably because it kinda started that whole genre from what I understand, considering the first one came out when I was 13 and still reading Sweet Valley High. But seriously, who doesn't love Bridget Jones? The only problem is, Helen Feilding (the author) recently revealed what the premise is for the third book, and well, you're not going to like it because no one does. Only click that link if you want to prepare yourself!

My bestie Hilary got me hooked on Nashville. This is separate from my training client getting me hooked on the Mindy Project. Officially watch too much TV for a personal trainer. Although I am usually cooking and cleaning while I watch, so it doesn't count. It does, however, make me really want a sparkly dress. Let's be real, I've always wanted a sparkly dress.

In other awesome news, tomorrow is Friday and this weekend is Canadian thanksgiving. Yay 3 day weekend!

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