Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October & My October Goals


Seriously that's how I feel right now. Bring it on. I never used to get that excited for Fall, and then one time almost ten years ago, my family was planning my brother and sister's "surprise" 19th birthday party and I realised how much I LOVED that excitement in the air that came with October. In my family and best friends alone, it's my birthday, my brothers & sisters (twins), my brother in law, and my one of my best friends. There are also a million other people that I know with October birthdays (don't even get me started on November). And then, we've got Halloween excitement. It's all just too much for my festive little heart to handle. But I'll manage.

Rather than making a "Fall Bucket List" I'm making October Goals.

*Visit the Pumpkin Patch, preferably without at a time when there aren't hundreds of little munchkins running around. I love munchkins in small quantities, like my two adorable nephews, but anywhere that's child attraction based scares me a little bit. 

*Go applepicking. This is not only a fun fall activity, but you totally get the hookup for cheap apples for thanksgiving pie. Score.

*Visit Leigh's Uncle in the Land of Great Shopping...aka USA. He has a super cozy house with a wood fireplace that I know is going to make me fall asleep approximately 7 minutes after plunking down next to it. 

If you've seen this episode, this is definitely my birthday behaviour.

*Have the best birthday ever. My birthday is on a Saturday this year and I am going to enjoy every minute even though I feel too old to go clubbing and dance all night, sadly.Everyone who knows me knows I'm a self-crowned birthday princess. Whatever, I love it.

*K, I know I say this all the time but I reaaally want to get super organized. I am constantly making progress on this. However, I have a deep rooted fear of any kind of paper, so that needs to get tackled.

*Finish THREE DIY projects. Doesn't matter which ones. Or how big. My list of projects that never gets done is ticking me off.

*Wear some cute fall outfits. I've actually bought some really cute fall stuff and because my job pretty much only allows workout pants and runners, I rarely get to dress up. This is my goal to dress up at least a few times this month!

*Join a gym. Haha. No seriously, I don't own a gym membership. At first when I left my gym job, I did lots of walks and home workouts. I was really sick of the gym vibe. Now I'm finding that it's way too easy to just sit down for just a minute before the next set. So I'm joining a gym down the street to re-energize my workouts.

*Go trick or treating with Layla and Leigh, kind of. If you've seen this post, you know that I am a crazy dog mom. Since I don't have a kid, this is my right. I may or may not have purchased a costume for Layla and I may or may not take her trick or treating and by that I mean a walk around the neighbourhood while everyone else is trick or treating. You may not judge me.

Also in a non-October related fashion, I would like to announce that I have officially kicked my Splenda habit. I now put only Stevia in my coffee. Sometimes I put a tiny drop of honey in and it really makes a difference and kinda masks the stevia taste. Yay me!

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  1. Love it girl!!! :) YOU GOT THIS! And I totally wish I could celebrate your birthday with you!! :)